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Name:Let's all be miserable together!
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Community description:Les Miserables discussion comm
This is a home for Les Mis fandom on Dreamwidth!

What kind of stuff goes here?

Plenty of stuff! Some suggestions: Meta discussions; research questions; squee; introductions. Posts about rewatches or rereads. Recs lists. Links to or inquiries about fic or art exchanges. Information about movie adaptations or musical tour stops or book editions.

Maybe don't post fic or art or icons to the main comm, just so we can keep from overwhelming it, but feel free to link to fanworks posted elsewhere, with a summary or thumbnail or a couple of teaser icons!

What kind of stuff doesn't go here?

Bashing other fans, or insulting their interests. We're all fans here, guys. Nobody has to be interested in everything, but this comm's for everyone; you've got your own journal for griping, if you want.

In other words, totally okay: "I'm not so into the Amis, but I'll read anything JVJ! Anyone got any recs?"

Not okay: "Ugh, e/R is the WORST PAIRING EVER. I'm sick of it! Anyone have recs for things that AREN'T THAT?"

That goes for pairings, characters, adaptations, fandom subgroups -- whatever. It's okay to not like things! But there are plenty of other corners of the internet where you can vent about it. Les Mis is large and contains contradictory multitudes; so can its fandom.

What adaptations is this comm for? Brick, musical, 1952 movie?

Whatever adaptation you want to talk about! If it's Les Mis, this comm is for it.

What do I need to do to post here?

Join the comm. That's all!

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