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Has anyone seen any reviews of the most recent translation by Christine Donougher, which came out this month? It's titled "The Wretched", and here's its page on Penguin.

I've been thinking of attempting a proper readthrough of the brick for the first time since high school, and new translations are exciting! (It's also on Kindle which is a big selling point for me.) However, I haven't seen any reviews or discussions about the new translation at all - has anyone heard anything about it? (Possibly it's just too early, as I think it came out a week or two ago.)

Date: 2013-11-15 01:53 pm (UTC)
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I'm interested to hear more!

I've seen a bit on tumblr -- notquitelostnotquitefound made a spreadsheet with various translations' versions of key phrases from the Amis' introductions, and has added Donougher's to it. notquitelostnotquitefound and pilferingapples have had some discussion about it, although basically focused on this or that sentence rather than anything overarching. (Here is the only one I found in a quick look, though I know there was also discussion of a really misleadingly translated sentence in Bossuet's introduction.)

My general impression based on those posts is that it's another one that does some things quite well and really drops the ball on other bits, but I haven't actually read it myself, or seen any kind of systematic review of it. Anyone else have any more detailed or firsthand knowledge?


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